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Tiffany Bowne

Los Angeles, California Travel Agent

Ultra-Luxury VIP Leisure Travel

After spending so much time planning corporate travel in the entertainment industry, I was grateful for the chance to break into the world of high-end leisure travel. Getting to plan vacations for my clients is a wonderful experience, and I’ve spent the last 15 years getting to know the best destinations and things to do during these trips. 

One of my favorite vacations that I was able to book was for a client who was ready to propose to his girlfriend of 15 years! He wanted to propose in his favorite winery’s vineyard in the south of France. This client had the means to make it a truly spectacular event. They helicoptered in and went to the vineyard, where I was able to hide a photographer to capture this momentous event. Not only was it a big deal for my client, but the vineyard had never had someone propose on their property before! It was a wonderful experience for all, and my client is still so grateful to have the photographs of the event. 

Not all vacations are as significant to the lives of my clients, but I make sure to treat each high-end leisure travel itinerary with the same dedication and attention to detail. Whether your goal is to travel with your family, plan a romantic getaway or simply spend some well-deserved vacation time on solo travel, I can assist. I love working with my clients to find out exactly what they want to do, or hope to achieve, on their vacations. Then, I do everything possible to make sure they achieve those goals. 

If you’re ready to make your travel dreams come true, talk to me today. I can’t wait to help you plan your next unforgettable, high-end leisure travel adventure.

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