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Tiffany Bowne

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Executive Corporate and Entertainment Travel

I’ve spent about two decades arranging corporate travel, for modest-sized accounts of ten or so employees to major accounts with employees numbering in the hundreds. As someone who is highly organized, I love getting the chance to plan itineraries and arrange travel for these types of accounts. Not only are my clients counting on me to get them to their events on time, but my clients also know that I will honor their confidence and keep their travel plans under lock and key. I work with many people in the entertainment industry, so discretion is a must for their plans. Please know that I will always keep your information private. This way, you can relax in peace throughout your journey. 

One of my corporate clients is an account with about 300 employees who are headquartered in France. They do about four large corporate events per year and I keep track of and make arrangements for about 150 people per event. One time they had an event during which the company gave the employees free reign to schedule time off before or after the event. Suddenly, this group also wanted to bring their family and they wanted to be able to book travel with the families, which is much harder than sticking to a uniform itinerary for the corporate event. During this time, there was a rail strike, which made it a little more difficult to plan travel. Fortunately, I was able to rise above these complications and I made this travel successful for all 150 employees and their respective families. 

Another account is a company with about 10-30 salespeople who need travel arrangements at any given point throughout the year. This continual planning keeps me on my toes, and I happily field any interruptions in their schedule to make last-minute arrangements for their trip to continue as planned. 

If you’re ready to enjoy seamless corporate travel, contact me today. I look forward to the chance to arrange your upcoming corporate travel.  

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