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Julie Johnson

New York, New York Travel Agent

Production Entertainment

When I book production travel, I feel like a member of your team. It is my job to do everything possible to keep your talent and crew happy while staying within your budget. My team and I handle anything from small documentaries traveling to a single domestic location to large television “travel competition” shows traveling around the world.  

Many of the arrangements we make are for film crews traveling to produce commercials, branded content for ad agencies, documentaries, and movies. We are also beginning to get requests to arrange travel for Instagram influencers. 

Decades of experience have taught us that organizing group and individual production travel is much more complex than simply issuing airline tickets. You can rest assured that my job is not done once you embark on your journey. From the beginning to the end of your trip, you have a dedicated travel consultant who will provide professional and personalized service, tailored to the needs of your production company. 

One of the things I like most about booking production travel is the relationships we form. I offer free assistance with travel budgeting for bids and am ready to jump into action when you get the go ahead.  

Plus, once we’ve worked together, I know your preferences and requirements which makes booking a trip a breeze. For example, if you frequently visit fly from New York City to Los Angeles, I’ll know which airline, flight and seats you prefer me to book, and which hotel and room you prefer. If your name has a weird spelling in English, as is the case with many of the Swedish filmmakers I work with, I’ll know exactly how to spell it. 

We are constantly going above and beyond. We don’t work regular hours. Our mantra is: We work when you work. If you are in Europe or Asia, your workday becomes our work day. You have our cell phone numbers, and we are there to help when you need it. 

The biggest challenge most travelers face is airline issues. Many clients don’t even realize that we are working proactively behind the scenes from the moment there is a delay or cancelation, using our pull with airline reps as Tzell agents, to minimize the inconvenience for our clients. That might mean pulling strings to get you on the next flight out, or changing airlines because we know that the employees at xyz airline are going on strike.  

Because of the trust built through our corporate relationship, many of my client-friends ask me to book their family or personal travel. It’s an easy transition. I’ve been sending families everywhere from Los Cabos to Sri Lanka. The service we provide is the same: well-thought through personalized service that creates exceptional travel experiences.

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