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Adam Storick

New York, New York Travel Agent

Corporate Travel Agent

My corporate clients have very busy lives; my goal is to make travel one less thing to worry about. They know I will provide them with the most logical and cost-effective routings, the best accommodations based on their priorities, and the super-fast response times they need.  

Understanding the ins and outs of how fares are constructed, my team and I often can process fare calculations more quickly than the airline systems with better routings and fares. Coupled with the contracted agreements we have with numerous domestic and international carriers, we often can save travelers 25 to 40% off published fares. Similarly, as a member of Tzell Travel Group/Travel Leaders SELECT program and other buying programs, we offer discounts with every major U.S. car rental company and often can offer hotel rates that are up to 70% off a hotel’s best available rates as well as space-available category upgrades, early check-in/late check-out, free Wi-Fi, gym access and more.  

The most important reason our clients rely on us, though, is that they know that we are in their corner and have their best interests at heart and have the knowledge and contacts to manage any issue that arises. And problems can have a domino effect. A flight is delayed and you arrive a day late. Where will you spend the night and will your rental car and hotel be ready when you arrive the next day? That’s our job.  The most important reason our clients rely on us, is that we prove to them time and again that we are in their corner and always have the best interests at heart.  They know that should any problem arrise, we have both the knowledge and contacts available to solve them. If their flight has been cancelled on the other side of the globe, they know that no matter the hour, we are available to them, and we will find the best alternatives to have them on their way to their destination as soon as possible. 

My father founded our team in 1980 with my mother as his partner. As an only child, I was fortunate enough to travel with them and grow my love for travel from a young age. After college, I was excited to return and learn every aspect of the industry, from accounting, pricing, distribution and technology to supplier negotiations, customer service and marketing. In 2006, I proudly took the helm as president and in 2012, we merged with Tzell Travel Group, giving our clients additional benefits and options on top of the rates we negotiate. 

At the end of the day, a travel agent earns a client’s trust in two ways: pricing and service. We work hard to provide both. Our clients know that no matter where they are, there is someone they can call who has their back. On top of our office hours, I often work after-hours from home, and even while on vacation as the need requires. If I'm not available, we also offer 24 hour emergency services accessible anywhere in the world. 

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Being a corporate travel agent means going above and beyond to provide the best service and negotiating the best rates and value-added upgrades and amenities possible. Our agents average 30 years experience in the industry and I am proud of the service we offer. 

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