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Pippa Ruben

New York, New York Travel Agent

Executive Corporate Travel Agent

Corporate travel may not seem like an area one would automatically associate with passion, but for me, the two go hand in hand. Corporate travelers have needs while they’re in the air, on the road and at the hotel. I truly love providing my corporate clients with travel solutions and the smoothest, most pleasant trip possible, so they can be free of distractions while they accomplish their business goals. That’s what I do best.

My main accounts have been in the fashion, finance and entertainment industries for many years. It was in those industries that I received hands-on, on-the-job training in the real world; an education you can’t get at any school. I learned that every client in every industry has unique needs, and a rock musician is going to require a very different experience than a fashion industry CEO.

It’s hard for me to think of a single itinerary that I have booked that was a favorite, or that’s representative of what I do on its own. No two trips are ever the same, and no two clients are ever the same. Each new client requires that I learn their needs and build their itinerary from the ground up, and that is not transferable.

Every client is unique, and it’s my job to listen and make sure I book a trip for them that’s as unique as they are.

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