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Miriam Cohen

New York, New York Travel Agent

My Travel Agent Life

I specialize in business and first-class itineraries for corporate clients who travel globally as well as luxury leisure and bleisure (business combined with leisure) trips. My corporate clients need the best rates, the ability to cancel, exchange, or rebook a reservation, and it is a hands-on, 24/7 operation. My leisure clients look to me to pull together the best itineraries for them and their families. My biggest assets are my experience and knowledge, which I draw on every day to best serve my clients. 

I originally went to law school, and after I graduated, I got in touch with legal firms and worked with them to arrange their food service, travel and whatever else they needed. I also got in touch with financial companies and became their exclusive travel agent. I found that I enjoyed the work, and decided to make it my career. I’ve spent most of that time at Tzell Travel, providing executive corporate, premier concierge and luxury travel services as well as global travel agent services for groups and individuals.  

I like the fact that for my job, I often have to get very creative and sometimes pull strings to accomplish what my clients need. I can do this because of the special relationships I’ve built in this industry over the years, and because of the clout that I wield as a Tzell travel agent. 

A lot of people think that they can go online and book an itinerary for themselves, but they miss a lot of opportunities because they don’t have the breadth of knowledge that it takes to make sense of the mountains of information that come at you. An experienced travel agent is your best friend and ally because we have the know-how to help get the most for your money as well as wonderful experiences that money alone can’t buy. It’s something that I’m proud to prove to my clients, time and time again.

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