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Miriam Cohen

New York, New York Travel Agent

Luxury Corporate Travel Agent

My job as a corporate travel agent is about making the impossible possible. There will always be issues with something as fluid as travel, so I have to be ready to solve for whatever might come up. For example, I had a client who arrived without a visa in Buenos Aires, and I managed to get him a new one on the spot. Another time, I had a client who was at the airport when he realized he didn’t have a ticket. I got him one in first class.

My clients include startup tech firms as well as financial, hedge fund and law firms. Most are mid-size companies who turn to me for white glove service and travel management functions including money savings through negotiated air and hotel rates and reporting. Through Tzell Travel Group, I have the power of a big agency and can arrange the advantageous rates, amenities and responsive service that my mid-size clients could never access on their own.

I also have the experience to select the right hotels for each trip, based on where your meetings will be and your personal preferences and to arrange exclusive perks. As your travel agent, I am not only your ally but a business partner with your best interests at heart.  

I’ve had clients arrive in an over-booked city without hotel reservations, and I have been able to pull strings to get them a great room, and I have had clients who had to cancel their plans at the last minute, and I have been able to negotiate a full refund. And if someone decides to bring along a spouse at the last minute and the flight is completely booked, I have to figure out how to somehow clear a space for them. 

Every day there has to be another act of heroism on my part, and I’m proud to say that I always come through. That is why most of my corporate clients trust me not only with their business travel but their personal travel as well.  

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