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A Voyage to Thailand

One of the more exciting itineraries that I planned recently was for a family of eight who traveled to Thailand. They started at the Banyan Tree Bangkok, and they loved it. As a special treat, I arranged for the general manager to arrange a special dinner for them on their last night in Bangkok. He greeted them and took them to a private room, and I was very happy to be able to catch them by surprise with that. It was one of those unexpected touches that can make a huge difference in how a guest feels about their vacation. 

This family was very interested in seeing elephants but also passionate about animal welfare. I found an elephant sanctuary where they could bathe and interact with the elephants and not feel that the elephants were being exploited, so it was a thrilling and happy experience for the family to share. After that, I sent them out to a private island resort, and they called and said they wanted to go to a Thai boxing match at the last minute, so I arranged that for them while they were there. 

I got a lot of great kudos from that trip. One of the gentlemen on the trip owns a restaurant in Louisiana. After he returned, he kept telling everybody about how the trip was just so amazing, how they didn't even need to think of anything, how all they needed was their passports and a credit card, and everything was done for them, from transportation to all of their activities. He said that they especially loved all the little special touches that I arranged for the group. It feels great to know that I was part of creating an experience for them that was so memorable.  

Where are you thinking of going next? Whether you are thinking of a trip to Thailand or Taiwan, Australia or Austria, I can custom-curate the trip of your dreams. 

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