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One of my corporate contracts called me and said, “We're going to reward everybody at the company, we want to do a buyout of a hotel for a weekend.” So, I booked every room at a five-star property in the Bahamas for four days, and that was a fantastic booking. I had to charter a jet, and it took about nine months’ worth of planning. The budget was about a million dollars and I came in under budget.  

We faced a lot of challenges. The hotel did a renovation and didn’t tell me until after the contract was signed. I got there about four days ahead of time, and nothing was finished. 12 hours before the plane landed, there were still workmen working on the property. It was probably the most horrifying, yet exhilarating time in my career. I was dealing with billionaires, and you're either going to come off like a superstar or you’re going to sink like a rock.

I think the reason why I love it when it works is because I truly care about my clients. I want them to be happy. I did a business meeting in Spain, and they would text me from the conference and say, “We need notepads,” so I sent messages to the staff to bring them notepads. I think they liked the idea that they had a guardian angel watching over them.

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Reviewed By THE BEST ! - Staten Island NY | Traveled to Spain ~ Europe
Shannon is polite . she has always finds a solution to my business and personal needs. Always gets back to me ASAP ! you can her her smile on the phone !
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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