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When Your Client Is a Trending Topic

Another client was on tour in South America, and one of the airline staff took a photo of her boarding pass and put it on Twitter. This was a massive breach of security, and it resulted in throngs of fans mobbing the airport. We put her on a flight out of the country without anyone knowing, and her management had to cancel the next ten days’ worth of concerts. I take my clients’ safety and privacy very seriously.

But I was then left with 96 travelers who suddenly had a week and a half in South America with nothing to do. The decision was made to salvage the situation by turning it into a vacation. My task was to book all of them to their chosen destinations for the next ten days within 24 hours.This group of travelers included my client’s support act, who wanted to go to Costa Rica. I got those musicians to the airport, but they could not board without proof of yellow fever inoculations, a mandatory traveler safety measure. I begged the airline to let the group fly to Panama City and, which would give me time to work on getting their vaccinations. I put them up at the Hard Rock Hotel and told their manager the musicians would be on their way the next day. An hour later he called me back and said they loved it there and wanted to stay.

The situation may have been hectic, and it certainly was not what was intended, but I was glad I could turn it into a pleasant experience for everybody.

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