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Jodie Weber

New York, New York Travel Agent

Entertainment and Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

I specialize in entertainment travel, which is not for anyone with a nine-to-five mindset because my clients’ schedules are the opposite of that. They might perform at night, jump on a tour bus, travel to their next engagement and check into a hotel at 8:00am, to arrive at their next engagement that night. This has taught me how to create unorthodox travel solutions for my customers, and I hope you will be next to let me offer similar personalized travel services to you.

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Travel Specialties

Thank You for the 747

Earlier in my career, I was a personal assistant to several different musicians. This gave me the insider knowledge of what their travel requirements are.

At an agency where I worked, a pop star’s tour manager walked in, and by a fluke, ... Read more from my Thank You for the 747 bio.

When Your Client Is a Trending Topic

Another client was on tour in South America, and one of the airline staff took a photo of her boarding pass and put it on Twitter. This was a massive breach of security, and it resulted in throngs of fans mobbing ... Read more from my When Your Client Is a Trending Topic bio.

My Travel Agent Life

I always knew I wanted to be a travel agent. I was lucky enough as a child to go on frequent vacations with my family, and I was an exchange student as well, so being in this business was inevitable. I ... Read more from my My Travel Agent Life bio.

Travel Experiences

Nothing but a Good Time

A few years ago I went by myself on a Crystal Cruise, and it was beyond amazing. It was my first time on a cruise ship, and initially, I had some misgivings about being alone on this enormous boat, but that all faded away very quickly.

The cruise was the Rum and ... Read more from my Nothing but a Good Time story.