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John Blackburn

New York, New York Travel Agent

My Travel Agent Life

Since I’ve worked as a travel agent for almost two decades, I know exactly what’s needed for a stress-free travel experience. My connections in the industry make it easy for me to plan smooth vacations or business trips for all of my clients.

In addition to my work in the luxury corporate travel industry, I’m an avid traveler myself. In fact, I have found South Africa to be one of my favorite destinations. In particular, I enjoy the opportunity to experience the exotic animals native to the area in their natural habitat. There’s nothing like seeing the Big 5 in their element, on the Savannah and protected from hunters. It’s truly a humbling experience, and one that I highly recommend for those who want to experience an unknown world.

I believe that vacations and even other business travel provides more than just a physical experience. Travel is truly the chance for clients to connect with the world and with themselves. Call me if you’d like to be connected with the world like never before. I can’t wait to begin planning your travel with you.

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