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John Blackburn

New York, New York Travel Agent

Luxury Corporate Travel

As an experienced travel agent, I specialize in luxury corporate travel. I suppose you could say I’m an expert when it comes to dealing with flight delays, missed flights, or last-minute changes.

In fact, I once had a client experience a frustrating travel delay. My client called me while he still sitting in the plane. He wanted to know if I could arrange a new connecting flight, as the delayed plane he was currently on was on the tarmac for so long, it forced him to miss his original connecting flight. I was able to have the new flight booked before the client ever got off the plane, preventing much of the hassle and disruption that the client otherwise would have experienced. It is service like this that makes me a high-end corporate travel agent.

I’m also experienced with making international arrangements for high-profile corporate clients. I have found that I’m particularly adept at selecting flights with the least connections so my clients can spend more time on business and less time in the air. I frequently work with clients from major cities such as Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco. This has provided me with the experience of working with both national and international airports so I can best assist clients in the logistical aspects of their travels.

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