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Terri O'Brien

New York, New York Travel Agent

Corporate and Group Travel Planning Expert

A plain hamburger. That’s all my client wanted after a long day of travel and meetings. But a plain hamburger wasn't on the room service menu.  So, I called my hotel connection and made it happen.  A plain hamburger was delivered to my client within the hour. AND the hotel ended up adding it to their menu!  With business travel, it’s the little things that sometimes matter most.  

Whether big or small, I’m ready to conquer any and all challenges as your CIRE Travel agent.  When April storms cancelled flights across the east, I made sure a client arrived in Atlanta with enough time to hop in a car and make tee-off at the Masters in Augusta.   I recently arranged travel for a group of 20 who had to make a last-minute photo shoot in Venice, Italy.  No problem!  I’ve known travel planning was my future since I was a little girl standing on the tarmac at Logan watching planes take off with my uncle who worked for Eastern Airlines.  

For the last 30 years, I’ve worked as, and loved, being a travel advisor. Leisure travel. Corporate travel. Group travel. Meetings & events.  Three decades in the biz and not one day has been the same. (And I wouldn’t have it any other way!)  Imagine the experience and connections made in 30 years…  As CIRE president, Eric Hrubant says, “Our connections are your connections. Perks. Waivers. Upgrades. Enjoy them all. You know people who know people.” 

My favorite place to travel?  There are too many to pick a favorite!  But I love volcanoes, rain forests and secluded hideaways. I’ve been to Africa, Europe, Central and South America. And I’ve visited 30 ballparks across the US to see my beloved Boston Red Sox play. All this travel knowledge and my corporate connections are at CIRE’s clients’ fingertips. At the end of a long business day, sometimes you just want a plain hamburger. I can make that happen.   

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