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Sarah Johnson

Waterbury, Connecticut Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Advisor and Avid Traveller

I grew up traveling; my parents had me on my first cross-country flight at age 1. When I was 8, a flight attendant on a long haul between Germany and the US gave me the paper flight map; to this day it hangs over my desk as a reminder of the powerful connections that result from travel.

Growing up, I always wanted to be an architect. After graduating from Miami University, I moved to Scotland to pursue a masters in Classical Archaeology & Ancient History.A family vacation on a Lindblad Expeditions ship in Alaska opened my eyes to a new world. I went to work for Lindblad, on board the ships, for three years.

I find the world fascinating. I collect old maps/globes, and I read the news every morning over coffee. When I discovered that my passion was a mixture of travel and education, I booked a one-way ticket to New Zealand, threw my computer and camera in a bag, and set off to solo road trip across NZ, Australia, and Asia. 9 countries, 19 months, and 163gb of photos later, I returned home and opened my business as an independent travel advisor, an affiliate of Largay Travel.

I specialise in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, and the polar regions, but I design custom itineraries for everywhere in the world, wherever my clients want to travel. Many of my clients come to me for adventure or food and wine itineraries, and everyone is looking for a unique experience that their friends haven't had.

To me, travel opens doors you never knew were there and opens your eyes to the many threads that make up your life. Let me help you plan your next adventure!

Communicative, Experienced, Detailed, Enthusiastic

Hanging Out At Home in New Zealand
Hanging Out At Home in New Zealand

These are all words clients have used to describe me. I believe in the collaborative process of designing a bespoke itinerary, where all travellers have a say in the activities. I believe in building a relationship with my clients, which ensures that every detail is designed for them, not for someone else.

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