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True Direction Travel

Crater Lake National Park
Crater Lake National Park

I discovered my passion for travel late in life when my husband and I took an international work assignment in Southern Germany. Three and a half years later, we returned with memories of European capitals, castles, churches, cobblestone streets, charming villages, inspiring art, local wine and beer, skiing in the Alps, and friendships that continue to this day.  We were hooked on travel.

Just a few years later, we were asked “how about Japan?” we didn’t hesitate. With two young kids in tow, we explored elaborate yet peaceful temples, quaint craft towns in the hills, skiing in Hokkaido, and staying in traditional Japanese ryokan.

Australia, Thailand, and New Zealand were our favorite destinations. The landscape in the Outback was unlike any place we’d ever seen. Our trip to Tasmania and Cradle Mountain still ranks as a ‘best ever’ adventure. Hiking on a glacier and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef were real bucket list adventures.

That was over 15 years ago, and our travel adventures continue. Iceland, Alaska, Costa Rica, Belize, Oregon and National Parks for hiking and adventure. The Rocky Mountains and New England for skiing and snowboarding. Family trips for Caribbean Cruises, Disney, Hawaii, and Florida

What's next in 2021?  Fingers crossed that Croatia will happen in 2021.  Some day - the Galapagos Islands, Africa for Safari, Israel and Antarctica.  Why do I love travel so much? Absolutely the destination and immersion. I also love the research and planning process – sight-seeing highlights and getting off the beaten path. Setting a slower pace to breathe and enjoy. I love helping my clients find their True Direction for travel – whether it’s exploring far-off destinations or just a quick trip to visit family. Give me a call - I'd love to help you find your True Direction.

Q&A with True Direction Travel

What's different about my travel philosophy?  I am a believer in SLOW TRAVEL.  Spend more time in each city and town, less travel time, and fewer hotel changes.  The slower pace is more restful, allowing you to spontaneously explore and relax into the local culture - like sipping a cappuccino on a piazza or enjoying a beer in the beirgarten.

Why did you name your company True Direction Travel?  Everyone's travel style is unique - even within the same family, the interests are very different.  I really enjoy customizing the itinerary to suit specific interests and travel style.  That's how I help my clients find their True Direction.

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