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Lisa Taub

Cambridge, Massachusetts Travel Agent

What's your travel STYLE?

“The Perfect Vacation.”  Sounds simple, right?  But the perfect vacation means something different to every family, every couple, every friends’ get-away, and even every person.  So what's your travel STYLE?

Urban Exploration:  Sightseeing in capital cities and wandering through charming villages is our specialty. After-hours access to the world greatest sights and museums, interactive culinary adventures, and local cultural immersion – we provide unique experiences to customize your itinerary to your interests.

Outdoor Adventure: Ready to hike through a canyon, zip-line over a rainforest, or ski down a mountain? If the Great Outdoors is your perfect vacation, we can design your customized itinerary to the National Parks, a tropical rain forest, African safari, or mountain get-away.

Ocean Escapes: Looking for a quiet beach get away, to just listen to the sound of the waves? Or perhaps snorkeling, surfing, and dancing to the music of steel drum band? We can find the perfect island destination, beach resort or cruise line for your ocean dreams.

Whatever your travel style, give me a call.  I'd love to help you find your True Direction.

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