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Selena Zepf

New York, New York Travel Agent

Premier Concierge Service

I have more than 15 years of experience in the travel industry. Now that I work alongside the experts at Bear & Bear Travel, I specialize in providing my clients with high-end, concierge travel services to every imaginable destination throughout the world.

I cover every detail of the trip from departure to return and ensure my clients experience only the best high-end amenities and services. I book personalized international trips to destinations such as: Japan, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia.

I also frequently book domestic trip to locations all over the United States, including: Hawaii, Florida, New York, California and beyond.  

I also take care of clients with a variety of needs from VIP privacy and exclusivity to family or couples’ experiences.

My love of travel began when I was a child. I come from a family of high-end hotel managers and travel agents and had the opportunity to visit both international and domestic locations throughout my youth. I travel now as a single mom, taking my son with me as we explore new destinations. Some of my favorite experiences have taken place as we’ve traveled, and gotten to see that people from all countries and walks of life have so much in common.

My high-end clients are all unique, and the trips I plan for them often require intricate planning. I once had a client whose son played for a large university football team. My client and his wife traveled to all of their son’s games and I took care of their transportation, hotel rooms, and travel needs for each of his games over a four-year period. It is helping clients enjoy meaningful experiences such as these that offer me the greatest fulfillment in my work.

I use my first-hand knowledge of these travel destinations to book them tours, activities, restaurant reservations, and amenities to give them true concierge service with time to relax as well as time to explore.

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