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Louis Escano

New York, New York Travel Agent

VIP Corporate Travel

For many companies, travel is an absolute necessity for creating and maintaining both old and new business relationships. But booking flights, ground transportation, accommodations, rental vehicles, conference rooms and event sites is a complex, full-time job in itself. That is why my clients depend on me for their corporate travel needs.

I have been in the travel business since I graduated from college, so I have developed many excellent relationships with people in the industry. Now, with the connections provided by The Travel Business, an independent travel agency of Tzell Travel Group, those connections reach even further. As you know, it's not always what you know, but who you know that can make a difference when problems arise. Often, a call to the right person can open up doors that were shut or channel me in the right direction to help solve any issues that may arise while I'm working on your travel needs. 

I am also experienced in booking VIP and celebrity clients. I know that they require discretion and flawless itineraries, so I always go over their arrangements four or five times to ensure that everything is correct. But I also understand that these itineraries are made up of many moving pieces and that things can go wrong that are simply out of my control. That is why I am always available to address these issues, 24/7. 

For instance, I recently arranged travel to London for a celebrity client that included a private transfer with a greeter at the airport. Because of this client's high profile, I made sure that she, her manager, the greeter and the driver were all familiar with one another. Unfortunately, the regular driver became ill. So, I had to contact everyone to let them know to expect a different driver. I found myself answering emails and calling everyone involved at 3:00am, but this was all very important for the safety of my client. Overall, their trip was a success, and I was glad that my extra effort was key in their satisfaction.

In addition to my years of experience in the travel industry, I also speak English, Spanish, French and Italian.

If you book your corporate travel with me, I will always strive to find you the most cost- and time-effective flights. And, quite often, that is not the cheapest flight available. I've learned that many travelers today who book their own flights online think that that they're getting a “bargain,” only to discover that the Internet price they found did not include luggage, seating assignments or other amenities that will actually cost them more than a "pricier" ticket on another flight. 

Are you interested in learning more about the services I can provide your business? Please contact me. I would love to show you the many ways I can stretch your corporate travel dollars. 

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