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Culinary Travel

To truly experience a country, you must try its cuisine. A local meal gives you a taste of the country’s culture and history, and there’s nothing more memorable than a fine dining experience in a beautiful destination. I’ve always been passionate about traveling and cuisine, and I specialize in creating unique culinary-travel itineraries in beautiful destinations around the world.

I will customize your own culinary journey with personalized recommendations that match your taste and style. Whether you’re traveling to Paris or Manhattan, I’ll work with you to create a food map that combines the best sights and meals together. With my assistance, you’ll get to experience the greatest meals in a variety of restaurants and settings while exploring the best attractions your destination has to offer. 

Some of my recent bookings include culinary tours in:

• Rome

• Madrid

• New York City

• Montreal 

I will provide you with countless options so you can customize your trip according to your mood and preferences. I understand that sometimes you may want a quick meal at a local cafe, and other times you may wish to spend the entire evening at a scenic restaurant. I’ll make sure you have the tools to enjoy the finest dining at your own pace so you can have an incredible vacation.

Many of my recommendations are places I’ve been to as well, and I only recommend places that are proven to be worthwhile. I will heavily research everything about your destination so you can arrive and explore with confidence.

There’s nothing better than savoring a well-cooked meal while traveling in a gorgeous country. I have years of experience in the travel industry, and with my assistance, I’ll help you enjoy unforgettable meals on your next vacation!

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