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Maryella Blundo

Cambridge, Massachusetts Travel Agent

My Travel Agent Life

I have spent more than 30 years in the travel industry, and I’ve loved every moment of it. Not only do I get to experience the world, but I get to bring back these encounters and experiences into my daily life as an agent. I specialize in luxury leisure travel experiences, as well as arranging VIP executive travel for my business clients. My goal with every itinerary is to create the perfect moment for my clients, that they will think of fondly for years to come when they remember their experience.  

Quite possibly my favorite thing about corporate travel is the need to be on my game 24/7. The speed with which business trips are arranged is extremely fast-paced, so I need to be ready, willing and able no matter the time or day. I find that I excel in this role, and I look forward to meeting head-on, day after day. 

One of the most memorable travel experiences I’ve created was an extravagant vacation to Southeast Asia I booked for a client. Every possible adventure that could be experienced was incorporated into this trip, from cruising on a rice boat, visiting holy temples and touring various museums were all highlights on this itinerary. My clients returned positively beaming with joy from their experience, and I was happy that I was able to bring this into their lives. 

My personal favorite vacation was when I took a trip to the South Pacific. The people and the scenery were unforgettable in their grace, and I loved every moment. I dined on delicious fresh seafood and enjoyed the many opportunities for shopping there, as well. I’d love to repeat this vacation in the future, when I’m not happily planning vacations for my clients. 

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