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Terry Coffey

Fairfield, New Jersey Travel Agent

Australia Expert

An area I know well and love to book travel to is Australia. As a travel agent who has spent countless hours working with Tourism Australia, I am an expert on curating unforgettable trips in the region. I began working with Australian suppliers in 1986 and have taken many trips to the country to familiarize myself with this beautiful region. 

In fact, because of this expertise, I was given the opportunity to work with industry professionals to create an agent training program. It was originally a very basic test, and then agents could continue with an Australia specialist program. Getting the chance to collaborate with the Tourism Board of Australia was a true honor, and the fact that I helped pioneer one of the standard for travel agents who want to specialize in the area isn’t lost on my clients. They look forward to having their trip planned by a true expert! 

One memorable Australian vacation that I had the pleasure of arranging was for a family celebrating their daughter’s sixteenth birthday. The trip included a husband and wife, their daughter and the father’s mother. He wanted the most extravagant celebration: all of their tickets were first class, he wanted two rooms at the most expensive hotels and more. They started their travels in Sydney and enjoyed shopping downtown, then they flew by private jet to Uluru—also known as Ayers Rock. They loved the many opportunities they had for sightseeing throughout their trip, and I was happy help plan their celebration. 

Whether you want to visit Sydney or explore Perth, I can organize your travel itinerary for a seamless journey.

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