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Janet Najarian

Boston, Massachusetts Travel Agent

Executive Corporate and Luxury Travel Agent

With almost four decades in the travel agency industry, I’ve yet to encounter a problem that I can’t solve. Between that and creating itineraries as unique as the traveler themselves, my natural instinct for curating travel has gotten me far. It’s what makes me such an asset for my corporate luxury travel clients and my leisure luxury clients alike. Contact me today so I can start planning your unique travel experience.

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Travel Specialties

Luxury Leisure Travel

I believe that a vacation should be about more than getting away to a place that is comfortable where you can enjoy your favorite activities and pastimes. While it's always a great idea to find a way to rest and relax... Read more from my Luxury Leisure Travel bio.

Luxury Corporate Travel

For decades, I have been helping corporate travelers get from point A to point B. Having worked closely with corporate travelers at all levels of their careers, I understand that they have distinct needs that differ greatly from leisure travelers. It's... Read more from my Luxury Corporate Travel bio.

My Travel Agent Life

I started off in the travel industry in 1981. Back then, agents would have to hand-write tickets for all sorts of travel! Obviously, the travel industry has changed considerably since then, but my passion for travel remains steadfast. If anything, it’s... Read more from my My Travel Agent Life bio.

Travel Experiences

Swimming in the Aegean Sea

The more I help people plan their travel, the more I fall in love with my industry and the world around me—which is saying something, since I have almost four decades of experience as a travel agent. I’m always excited at the opportunity to travel abroad, and I make sure to... Read more from my Swimming in the Aegean Sea story.

Client Testimonials

Exception Service

Janet has been working with The Smith Companies for 20 years. My interactions with her have been nothing but exceptional. She is well versed in her field; she is always prepared and is very proactive. Working with Janet as closely as I did, for as long as I did, she is professional, pleasant and easy to work with. She was also patient with me when I would have to call her back with multiple changes to travel plans that were already made. I have nothing but good things to say about Janet and anyone who gets the opportunity to work with her will be completely satisfied.

Provided by Ann C. (Boston, MA)

Over 25 years of excellence

I have worked with Janet Najarian for more than 25 years. As a travel agent, she certainly knows the technical ins and outs of booking trips, best routes, and ways to save money - and still get you to your destination. But most important, she cares. If there's a storm, or a travel system breakdown, I usually hear from Janet before the problem gets out of hand. Or, if I'm in the middle of a crisis (such as when the Iceland volcanoes erupted, throwing international travel into chaos), she's there to help calm things down and find a solution. During that particular travel nightmare scenario, she managed to get me from Athens, to Rome, to Madrid and then home within 36 hours. No small feat, considering other stories I heard of travelers stranded for over a week and far away from home. In this age of nameless, faceless websites, Janet is has been a great partner.

Provided by Leonard F. (Boston, MA)