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My Travel Agent Life

Like most adults, I didn’t initially start off planning to be in my current role. Instead, the life of a travel agent found me! I absolutely love everything about cruising and ended up taking a cruise that completely blew me away. In fact, I couldn’t stop raving about it, and helped many of my friends and family members find the cruise that best fit their needs and expectations. I quickly gained a reputation as a cruise expert and it finally clicked: I realized I wanted to do this on a professional level. Now, I’m an expert travel agent, which allows me to find the best cruise lines, staterooms and itineraries for everyone in my care.

I regularly book cruises to the following destinations:

  • Alaska     
  • Barbados    
  • Bonaire     
  • Caribbean      
  • Cuba       
  • Curacao      
  • Greece     
  • Puerto Rico      
  • Saint Martin       
  • Saint Thomas       
  • US Virgin Islands       
  • And more

As a cruise expert with Tzell, I offer full service on and off the ship. I create entire travel packages for my clients, from the initial cruise, pre- and post-night hotel or resort stays —as well as for stopovers—and arrange their airfare and shore excursions, as well. Plus, with all of the extensive resources and expert connections I have as an independent travel agent of Tzell Travel Group, I have yet to encounter a problem that I can’t solve. 

I recently booked travel for a family reunion that occurred on a cruise ship. This allowed me to recommend a variety of things to do for the multigenerational family members. For the children and younger adults, I recommended sail and snorkeling excursions, while the older family members had the chance to relax and eat lunch on the ship. For the most part, the ample availability of leisure activities meant everyone could entertain themselves. I was also able to book the family a private conference room where they could enjoy time together, watch a slideshow and have fun. 

If you’re ready to book your next cruise, whether solo or planning a multigenerational vacation, contact me. I have the experience and the connections needed to make your travel dreams come true. 

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