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Alison Mason

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Luxury Cruise Travel

My love of luxury cruises led me to begin a career in the travel industry. When I realized how many of my own friends and family came to me for help in planning their cruises, I decided I could benefit cruise enthusiasts on a broader scale by becoming a part of the Tzell Travel Group. I specialize in creating luxury cruise experiences by providing high-end travel services and personalized itineraries. I believe that cruise travel can be a transformative experience and encourage them to explore new interests and hobbies while at sea.

To allow my clients to travel stress-free and focus on enjoying their cruise experience, I arrange every step of their travel plans. I book airline tickets to the cruise departure location and arrange transportation from the airport to the dock. I make restaurant and experience reservations both aboard the ship and at port destinations so they don’t have to worry about about planning these details. With my first-hand knowledge of many of the luxury cruise liners as well as the different ports of call, I provide my clients with opportunities to explore some of the most amazing sites, restaurants, and amenities at each location.

Luxury cruise travel is unlike any other type of travel experience because it is fully immersive and starts the moment you step aboard the ship. I always book my clients balcony suites so they can enjoy great views and the full spectrum of luxuries while at sea. There’s nothing like enjoying room service on your private balcony at sunset while at one location and then at sunrise at another. There’s also nothing like lounging at one of the ship’s many pools with the ocean all around you while you read your favorite book. Truly, cruise vacations provide you with opportunities you can get nowhere else.

With my personal luxury cruise travel experience, my meticulous attention to detail, and my dedication to creating personalized experiences for my clients, I can create unforgettable cruise vacations.

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