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My Travel Agent Life

I never expected to end up in the travel industry, but after a friend invited me on a trip to Morocco, I just couldn’t resist! As we explored Morocco, I got an appetite for the travel agent life—an appetite that was further whetted as we moved from Morocco to Paris to Barcelona. What I thought was a whirlwind vacation turned into the push I needed to become a travel agent. 

Ever since then, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the chance to make my clients’ vacations unforgettable. I like to find unique things to do in the destination and incorporate them into the itineraries I create. For instance, I recently put together a trip to Mexico that included a few days in Mexico City and one in the Maya Riviera. For this particular trip, I was able to schedule a few fun things for my clients to do to help immerse them in the local culture. They were able to enjoy a Mezcal and taco tour, which they said was phenomenal. I also booked a hot air balloon ride for them to enjoy. It’s fun, unorthodox things to do that can truly make a trip unforgettable. 

If you’re ready to plan your next vacation, call me today. I can’t wait to begin crafting your leisure travel itinerary with you!

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