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Leisure Travel

At first, my friend's invitation to join her in Morocco felt like an incredible opportunity to experience a destination that I had not yet visited. However, once I had arrived, I quickly realized that this so-called vacation was actually the first step toward my next career path. I discovered that there is endless potential when you work in the travel industry, and I knew that I could transform my passion into my lifestyle.

After the Morocco trip, I went on a research trip to Paris to learn more about the life of a travel agent. After Paris, we went to Barcelona, where I continued to learn how to hone my craft and provide my clients with the best possible experience.

Now, I am a travel agent specializing in luxury leisure travel. My favorite destinations to book include:

  • South America — I am passionate about the culture and natural beauty of South America. My favorite destinations to book include Argentina and Uruguay.
  • Mexico — Mexico is a destination that is filled with luxury, beauty, culture, flavor and adventure. It really has it all. I help match my clients to incredible resorts, and I complete their itineraries with exciting tours and excursions.

My goal is to help my travelers fully experience the destination that they visit. I love to include unique excursions and opportunities, such as taco tours or tequila tastings. For families with young children, I always find destinations that have nearby parks and interacting attractions that allow kids to be a part of the experience. I specialize in finding fun and unique activities for children of all ages.

Now is the best time to book your next vacation. Contact me today, and I'll show you just how amazing it can be when you go abroad.

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