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Alexis Rich

New York, New York Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

As an experienced travel agent, I enjoy helping my clients get the most out of their travel. Whether they want once-in-a-lifetime trips around the world or to plan a domestic vacation, I do everything that I can to create a memorable experience. If you’re ready to set off on an unforgettable vacation, call me. I can’t wait to help bring your travel dreams to life!

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Travel Specialties

Leisure Travel

At first, my friend's invitation to join her in Morocco felt like an incredible opportunity to experience a destination that I had not yet visited. However, once I had arrived, I quickly realized that this so-called vacation was actually the first... Read more from my Leisure Travel bio.

My Travel Agent Life

I never expected to end up in the travel industry, but after a friend invited me on a trip to Morocco, I just couldn’t resist! As we explored Morocco, I got an appetite for the travel agent life—an appetite that was... Read more from my My Travel Agent Life bio.

Travel Experiences

Backpacking through Brazil

As a travel agent, I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to help my clients’ travel goals a success. However, I always love the chance to travel myself! Not only does it spark ideas for my clientele’s travel plans, but it helps me keep track of the latest and greatest in travel.

One of... Read more from my Backpacking through Brazil story.