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Rachelle Stepner

Fairfield, New Jersey Travel Agent

My Travel Agent Life

My entire life, I’ve loved to travel. However, I didn’t realize that I would make a good fit as a travel agent until it was suggested to me by someone who is a luxury travel agent themselves! Then, it all clicked—I could keep doing what I love the most, seeing the world, while I help others to do the same. I’ve worked to help my clients plan their ideal itineraries and make their travel dreams come true ever since. 

I’ve been to a range of countries, including Italy, the Czech Republic and Israel, and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon. I find myself returning to Italy and make it my personal goal to see a new region of the country with each visit. Each region is unique in its own way, and I enjoy seeing what each has to offer. After all, this information helps me plan the perfect luxury itinerary for my clients! 

I believe that the authentic experiences are the ones that my clients appreciate the most. Whether you want a private, guided tour, an outing to a Tuscan winery or a cooking class from a culinary expert, I can make it happen. From a private villa in the beautiful oasis in Cinque Terre to booking the best luxury hotel in a bustling city like Rome or Milan, I will find the most appealing accommodations to suit your needs. 

The best part of using an experienced travel agent is that I know how to create your optimal experience. I can help you avoid seasons of high tourism and connect you with a guide who can show you how to avoid the crowds and summer heat, depending on when you would like to travel. Contact me today to plan your extraordinary vacation! 

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