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Rachelle Stepner

Fairfield, New Jersey Travel Agent

Luxury Italian Travel

A luxury Italian vacation simply means staying in one of the most beautiful hotels in the world in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, all while having your day to day vacation needs taken care of so all you have to worry about is choosing what aperitivo you'll be enjoying before dinner.   

My love of Italy and my love of beautiful hotels is a perfect marriage as Italy has some of the most highly rated and jaw droppingly beautiful properties in the world.  Some of the hotels are so exquisite- whether it's because they are built into a cliff 1000 feet over the sea or because of their picture perfect gardens- that they can be a destination in and of themselves. Nothing makes me happier than when I book a client into one of my favorites and they text me during their stay saying it's the most beautiful hotel they have ever stayed in.   

Like most people who travel to Italy, I fell in love with it the moment I arrived there for the first time 20 years ago.  I have traveled to- and loved- many other places but Italy is the ONLY country I want to keep returning to year after year.  I have spent the last 20 years reading every book I could find- both fiction and non fiction- about Italy. I could joyously spend hours and hours researching new things- restaurants, hotels, wineries, day trips, charming towns- so that the research in planning the trip is as fun and exciting as the trip itself. Every time I travel to Italy, I make sure to explore new places- and experience new things- while returning to my favorites.   

What I bring to my clients is firsthand knowledge, travel tips you would never find on google, advice as to how to optimize your time in a country where there is so much to see and do that most people feel overwhelmed and don't even know which places they should visit. I listen closely to uncover exactly what it is that my clients want out of their trip- culture? relaxation? Indulging all the senses with new culinary adventures?  All of the above?  For each client, I customize and personalize an itinerary that optimizes their time all while giving them my "secret" suggestions and concierge-like service. 

 I truly want all my clients to fall in love with Italy the way I have. I want every moment of their trip to be a memorable one and I work tirelessly to make that happen.

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