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Lori Zuckerman

New York, New York Travel Agent

Executive Corporate & Luxury Travel Agent

My focus is corporate travel for individuals at every level of an organization, right up to the C-suite. I also create itineraries for leisure and entertainment clients, who all get VIP service from me. Doing this job well comes down to being smart, savvy, and entrepreneurial. I know everything that is happening, from eight in the morning until midnight and beyond so I can proactively support my clients as they travel. My motto is:“Don't say ‘no.’ Figure it out and get it done.” Contact me.

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Travel Specialties

Corporate Travel: Airline Waivers and Favors

No two corporate itineraries are alike. Some of are very intricate and others simply involve getting someone from point A to point B and back. But whatever the case, I keep on top of it every day, because my clients’ needs... Read more from my Corporate Travel: Airline Waivers and Favors bio.

It’s Not the Problem, It’s the Solution

In addition to corporate travel, I also book leisure itineraries for my clients. If I do a good job booking a business trip, it will frequently lead to being asked to book a vacation for the same person, because you have... Read more from my It’s Not the Problem, It’s the Solution bio.

My Travel Agent Life

I have spent more than a decade as a professional Travel Advisor, and it is only the second job I have had in my entire life. Prior to this, I was a recruiter; but after 10 years of that, I was... Read more from my My Travel Agent Life bio.

Travel Experiences

What Could Go Wrong?

In the 1980s I went to the Dominican Republic with my family and friends. There were 60 of us, and there were problems from beginning to end, but it was hysterically funny because we rolled with it all. That was where I learned that what you remember after a vacation is... Read more from my What Could Go Wrong? story.