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Alice Hyatt

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Adventure Cruising

What do I love most about ocean cruising? The sea air, the stars and the sunsets. When I started, my office was in the Henry Hudson hotel. We always held parties for our clients on board ships that all sailed from the Hudson River piers. Although I don’t mind rough seas; having once sat on the balcony of the Queen Mary to Canada during a hurricane and didn’t feel a thing on deck!

Some of the most memorable destinations I have experienced and booked for my clients include: Antarctica, Alaska, the Galapagos and Indonesia. I favor voyages that don't exceed 100 passengers and include on-board naturalists and biologists. I took a cruise that circled Hudson Bay and encountered Innuit people who had never seen people like us. I personally want to retire on ocean cruise. Also like river cruises.

Deedy Clark is an extraordinary agent who works with me and together we are now taking care of the travel for a third generation of loyal clients.


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