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Alice Hyatt

New York, New York Travel Agent

Air & Marine Travel Services

Air and Marine Travel Service is dedicated to highly curated experiential vacation voyages in the air, on the land and sea. I love the adventure of life. It led me to six continents and countless countries. I studied for a pilot’s license, skied the Alps with my husband. I’ve tasted raw wine on the Island of Vulcano and walked with penguins in Antarctica. Let us bring your passions to life with a curated experience to awaken your curiosity and nourish your soul.

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Travel Specialties

Adventure Cruising

What do I love most about ocean cruising? The sea air, the stars and the sunsets. When I started, my office was in the Henry Hudson hotel. We always held parties for our clients on board ships that all sailed from... Read more from my Adventure Cruising bio.

My Background

My company, Air and Marine Travel Service, has been dedicated to delivering highly curated experiential vacation voyages to our clients in the air, on the land and sea for over eight decades.

Travel is more than logistics. It is, at its best,... Read more from my My Background bio.