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Jayne Bliss

New York, New York Travel Agent

Wheelchair-Accessible Travel Expert

Jayne’s passion for special needs travel planning was sparked by chance when a visually-challenged person turned to her for help in planning a trip to Italy. Jayne meticulously thought through each day, looking for ways to engage her client every step of the way via touch, taste, hearing and smell. Her client described the trip as “transformational” and has become a frequent traveler. And Jayne discovered a new calling: “creating amazing vacation experiences, exquisitely tailored for the visually challenged.” Catering to other disabilities was a natural next step for her.

“Each special need presents a unique way of experiencing the world,” Jayne says. She meticulously orchestrates every trip so that all of her clients—including those with disabilities—can seamlessly connect with destinations in ways that speak to their individual interests and abilities. The difference when planning a trip for travelers who are visually impaired, wheelchair bound or living with other disabilities, she says, is carefully thinking through the itinerary from their vantage point.

To maximize the adventure and thrill of travel for those with disabilities, she looks for ways to construct itineraries that encourage travelers to encounter local customs, culture and cuisine through all of their senses. This might mean a private cooking class and tasting with a well-known local chef, or a private guided tour through a museum where the visually impaired are offered the chance to run their hands across works produced by Renaissance masters. These experiences are also fun to share with their non-impaired travel companions. Allergies, dietary restrictions and physical limitations are carefully planned for.

“I put myself in my client’s position as I think through an itinerary and pay attention to all the details that can facilitate and enrich every experience along the way,” says Jayne. For example, for the wheelchair-bound, it’s important to pre-vet everything, including ensuring restaurants, hotel rooms and cars can accommodate wheelchairs. “The world has become increasingly welcoming to people with all kinds of disabilities, but you have to know where to look and what to ask for!”

Let Jayne's passion and experience guide you.

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