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Melissa Lonsk

New York, New York Travel Agent

Australia and New Zealand Adventure Travel

Traveling to Australia and New Zealand is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and Melissa Lonsk believes this is why many people will try to pack in too many experiences rather than concentrate on just a few perfect adventures. As both a Melbourne Certified New Zealand Gold Specialist and also a Certified Australia Specialist, Lonsk says, “I help travelers maximize their time without exerting themselves.” After traveling for a month each in Australia and New Zealand, Lonsk formed relationships with local tourism agencies, ensuring that she’s always up to speed on the most current travel opportunities.

Well-equipped to handle all of the details for an adventure Down Under, Melissa helps her clients get the best deals at a wide variety of accommodations, and helps secure the best, most affordable options for transportation, whether by camper van zooming across New Zealand or by rental car, bus or domestic flights across Australia. Melissa understands that tourism in Australia and New Zealand often caters to people who love adventure travel experiences. For this reason, she assists in organizing exciting trips to experience and great outdoors and see wildlife. Like many travel specialists, Melissa keeps an updated file on her industry and tourism contacts, making sure to provide her clients with insider knowledge on great restaurants and experiences. In Australia and New Zealand’s largest cities, she’s even liable to share her favorite gelato vendors. The tourism industry is changing fast, but Melissa’s professionalism, enthusiasm and attention to detail will ensure your trip to Australia or New Zealand are first-rate. Contact her today to organize your adventure Down Under.

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