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Melissa Lonsk

New York, New York Travel Agent

Family Travel Advisor

People often think that having children means putting travel plans on hold. I can tell you from firsthand experience that nothing could be farther from the truth. I can open the door to experiences you might never have thought possible and often think about things most travelers never consider. 

I enjoy traveling the world with my husband and my toddler and understand what it takes to plan a successful family trip. As a family travel specialist, I know how to avoid the situations that make children fall apart and how to plan fun, age-appropriate experiences almost everywhere in the world.  

Traveling with family requires a certain level of spontaneity, but it also requires a great level of planning. With the same attention I give to organizing my family trips, I delight in helping other families plan their adventures.  

My clients appreciate my great attention to detail. If you’re changing planes, I’ll make sure to tell you how you’ll get from one area of the terminal, so you don’t have to figure it out while juggling kids and carry-on bags. And I’ll help you plan your days around your kids’ nap and mealtime routines to minimize cranky moments.  

A must for most families is having either family suites or connecting rooms. I know how to get the best rates for family accommodations and ensure that your room will be ready when you arrive so that over-tired kids will not have to sit in a lobby and wait until check-in time. Online travel services can’t do that. 

I also am well-versed in planning travel for multigenerational families and large groups with wide-ranging interests. I can provide money-saving suggestions if desired, such as organizing a large family lunch rather than a late dinner.

I also can suggest the options for cruising, resorts, and villas that will best accommodate each person’s needs.  

With my deep industry knowledge, I know who to contact to organize group flights, discount rates, and other perks available to family travelers. I can find reputable childcare and babysitting if you want to fit in a date night and I know which cultural experiences might be fun for the whole family. I won’t take my young son to the opera, for example, although I can suggest fun seasonal options for outdoor concerts and plays and other equally exciting indoor options.  

With me as your family travel advisor, you can rest easy knowing that your travels will be as stress-free and memorable as possible. I love watching my son discover each new destination, and I can’t wait to help you plan your family trip so that your children can also broaden their horizons. 

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