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Laura Freeman

New York, New York Travel Agent

The World's Best Honeymoon Destinations

Provence, France
Provence, France

A resident of New York City, Laura Freeman spends most of her time traveling to garner new ideas for her clients. As a travel advisor with Tzell Travel Group, Laura draws from years of experience within the travel industry.

She has built and fostered relationships with countless luxury hotels to ensure that her clients receive VIP treatment. Today, she focuses on honeymoons, Southeast Asia, and European travel, as well as a variety of travel experiences at destinations across the globe.

She is passionate about culinary experiences. Laura believes that as a Millennial, she understands the way young and young at heart travelers want to travel and her ability to relate to them has become one of the secrets to her success. Laura’s personal travels provide her with the tools she needs to recommend the best hotel to suit a client’s needs. 

Recognized as one of Travel Agent Magazine’s “30 Best Agents Under 30” in 2015, Laura said she was inspired to her vocation by a trip to Israel when she suddenly realized that many people are inexperienced and struggle with traveling. “I want to help others experience the beauty and adventures that the world has to offer,” Laura said. “I work with both seasoned travelers and first-timers. I love preparing the non-traveler to travel just as I much as I enjoy creating mind-blowing experiences for people who think they’ve seen it all.

Whether it’s booking an exotic honeymoon in Bali or a unique European vacation for her clients, Laura is in her element. She said, “As clients discover new experiences, I find that they get more ambitious, more adventurous and hungrier for travel. It’s a very rewarding job that way. I have clients who say, "You pushed me just enough outside of my comfort zone and it was so worth it." That's what I like to hear!  That means that they are getting the most out of their travel. Her areas of expertise include: Europe, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Ireland, UK, and beyond.

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