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Laura Freeman

New York, New York Travel Agent

Travel Agency Services and Italy Tourism

If you’re looking for superior travel agency services related to Italy tourism, or other travel destinations in Europe, look no further than Laura Freeman of Tzell Travel Group.

It is so easy to get from one destination to another in Europe, you can experience a lot in one trip. Take Italy, for example. You can walk the same streets Leonardo Da Vinci has walked and, hours later, you can enjoy a wine-tasting at at beautiful countryside vineyard.

I love history, architecture, art and culture, but most of all, I love people. Europe combines so many fascinating people, places, and history. It is so meaningful to see places you have learned so much about in school since childhood.

From the Vatican to Florence and Venice, I can tell you the little details that will make all the difference; secrets that only insiders or locals know that will make your trip extra special. 

In my personal travels, I deliberately seek out interesting and unique experiences to pass on to my clients. As an example, when I was in Naples, I organized my own 'pizza crawl’. I researched the history of the birthplace of pizza and crafted my own Naples tour, which I now share with clients.

Drawing on my own travel experiences, I can point you to the best place to sit and watch a sunset or the best open-air markets in France. Even though I've  been to Paris multiple times, every time I go, it is an entirely different trip.

At different stages of life, you enjoy things in a different way. My specialities include: Italy tourism, as well as Croatia, Greece, France, Western and Central Europe. I look forward to helping you plan plan your next vacation. 

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