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Rani Cheema

New York, New York Travel Agent

Culinary Travel Specialist

Hello! I'm Rani Cheema of Cheema's Travel. I'm a CEO, culinary travel specialist, foodie, and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you create your dream gastronomic adventure. Whether you're a foodie, eater, chef, sommelier, baker, or drink maker, I'm here to make your travel planning a stress free process. I went from designing posters for Broadway shows to being an art director at the Food Network. Now I design dreamy food-centric ones vacations. My mission is to inspire everyone to see, meet, and taste their home, Earth. I believe that the ability to travel is a human right. Luxury is about gaining access to parts of the world or “unlocking” doors that are closed to the public and having truly remarkable experiences. New York Times and Bloomberg Pursuits as a "to go" travel expert Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine Trendsetter for 2018 Travel + Leisure magazine & ILTM Cannes Rising Star Luxury Travel Magazine Advisory Board

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Culinary Travel Expert

Culinary Travel Ideas - Travel to Turkey

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Foodie Travel Planner

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Travel Experiences

Places to Visit in Turkey

Exotic Travel Destinations and Adventurous Culinary Tourism - How I Found Places to Visit in Turkey

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