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Culinary Travel Ideas - Travel to Turkey

Foodies around the globe satisfy their cravings for international cuisine and culture when they travel to Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Italy and other nations known for their delicious dishes. Travel advisor Rani Cheema has the food-focused experience to offer mouthwatering travel ideas for food enthusiasts. She was born and bred in New York City, the ultimate melting pot for worldwide cuisine. Now Rani temporarily resides in San Francisco, where she can revel in authentic South Korean and Japanese dishes. After her career as an art director, Rani decided culinary travel was her real passion. Rani confides, “After five years of being an art director at the Food Network, I realized I wanted to travel for work. This desire to travel for work took me to Dhaka - Bangladesh, Lugo- Spain, and Gwangju- South Korea.  After that, I realized that I no longer wanted to design and I just wanted to travel.”

As a seasoned traveler with a food fetish, Rani knows how to plan tasteful getaways. From honeymooners to die-hard food fans, she pays attention to detail, so travelers always enjoy a mouthwatering and memorable experience. Rani shares, “I genuinely love planning honeymoons, solo trips, foodie tours, cultural and immersive experiences.” When she is not traveling, Rani loves to do anything that involves food. From wine tasting and cooking classes to five-star restaurants and visiting cheese caves, Rani is always on the food scene. Her firsthand experiences make it easy to plan an irresistible getaway that is pleasing to the palate. 

And what makes Rani further stand out as a travel agent is the fact she used to be a backpacker. As a result, she has a creative knack for combining luxury experiences with down-to-earth backpacker-type excursions. From exotic dining to viewing natural wonders, Rani takes travelers to every corner of the globe for authentic adventures.

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